Move Your Mountain

Successful millennials have needs that are not
being addressed by Wall Street

(we know because we are like you)

A modern approach to the age old question, “Am I on track with my finances?”


Our generation is equipped better than most regarding strategies to grow wealth, and this is great. People know about real estate and the market more than other generations. 


What we've found is rarely can people put it all together and they make mistakes they don't even know they are making. On the other hand, we've worked with hundreds of clients over the years. We got you.


Unlike most other wealth management firms, we don't use somebody else's work to invest your hard earned money. We put the work in ourselves and have staff dedicated to finding, building and executing strategies for our clients.

How it works

Want to know what it takes to be financially on track?


We want you to focus on your career/business and making more money. We feel that meeting 3 times a year, for most, is enough to keep you on track. But rest assured, we will always be around for your life milestones or questions.


We put together a custom plan while keeping our fees low. Our team specializes in successful millennials and will keep you moving forward on a monthly basis. Having synergies helps you accomplish your goals faster and safer.


We are huge believers in working with people that understand you, are like you, and specialize in you. This takes trust, accountability and execution to get you to where you need to be.  We'd love to serve as your trusted advisors.

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Starting at $125 per month for planning. Assets managed by Fjell Capital start at .75%.

per month

Perfect for upcoming millennial professionals with 1-3 milestone goals.

3-6 month process
Low monthly planning fee
.75% asset management fee
Tailored to you
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We'd love to join you on
your Odyssey.

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