Execution and Volume: The Keys to Success

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As a third-generation financial advisor, Tom Stadum carries on the tradition of his grandfather and father by delivering comprehensive financial plans, prudent investment strategies, and timely service.
February 18, 2023

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“I have never helped do anything at Berkshire [Hathaway] that was as good as BYD and I only did it once,” - Charlie Munger on BYD’s dominance.

A Suggestion

Execution and Volume.

The people you look up to in life are either children who are filled with wonder, giggles and charm, or most likely, 10-15 years ahead of you. It’s a fact of life. Yet most of us never achieve the heights that we dream about.

This isn’t a horrible thing per se but aside from picking a great market to invest in and at a great time, most of us fail because we don’t execute enough volume to achieve these heights. In a practical manner, the highest point on earth is the peak of Mt. Everest, there is no place to climb that requires the most steps to get to the top.

There are also numerous stories of the late Kobe Bryant who would stay long after practice ended working on his jump shot. Volume, volume, volume... Bringing it back to the world of investments, a lot of us simply don’t have enough time in the game to achieve what we are capable of.

You can’t manufacture more time but you can use it better. Better being doing the things that matter to your life. If you want to be richer, buy more assets, spend less, or make more. If you want a better marriage, pursue your spouse more. If you want to be a better at golf, hit more balls. You get it.

This is your yearly reminder to continue investing and doing more of the things that make your life great.

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Level Up

If you are reading this wanting to take your financial life to the next level. Please reach out here. Simple as that.

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