Automation, Strange Markets, and America’s Unwinding Labor Market

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As the team's Capital Markets Analyst, Jacob conducts market and investment research and assists in the development of business strategy to serve our clients more effectively.
April 26, 2023

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On this week’s episode Tom, Jacob, and Dan talk about automation, lifestyle creep, housing prices, today’s interesting market, Apple’s India play, the undoing of America’s labor shortage, and earnings (with a key point on profit margins).

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Focus on Automation

  • AI has changed the world already and it will unlock many things for us as people, workers, and investors.
  • But while the world wonders about AI, everyone, I believe, should be focused on automation with their asset base and income.
  • Automating your financial life is the easy, fastest way to ensure success. How? When you decrease the time between earning money (job income, dividend income, etc) and investing, you exponentially increase your net worth in the years to come. it’s just math. Many people have automated their finances to some degree. Your employer does this for you (they pay you every two weeks), the government taxes money from you every two weeks too, or quarterly if you are retired or self employed.
  • Your utility and internet bill are automated. Your 401k is. Much is for many people but there hasn’t been enough done to yield above average results. And if someone is above average and easily accumulates cash, if there isn’t an efficient mechanism to invest, people end up sitting in cash.
  • Automate, ruthlessly. Don’t even give yourself a chance to wait and spend it.
  • AI automates tasks incredibly well, take a lesson from it and compound your potential.

What Went On

Quote of the Week

“If you can convince people to pay $40 for $4 boxes of cereal, maybe, just maybe, you can convince strangers to live with each other,” - Paul Graham on Airbnb’s unlikely success

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